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 Please protect my children

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a worrie

PostSubject: Please protect my children   Wed Feb 11, 2009 12:23 pm

My dearest St. Rita, please protect my children. I divorced their father to protect them from the emotional and physical abuse that we all endured. The Courts have been good to us, protecting them from him. But he has continued to not follow the ruling of the court but continues to file motions to try and see them again. My children are terrified of him. He has been out of their lives for three years and they have been doing so well, they were discharged from their counselor, because their problems stoppped when they no longer had to see him. But he has now resurfaced, trying to get through the system again. He has been verbally abusive to those involved in our case, which shows me he has not changed. Please Protect my children from having to go though this with him again. Let them have a chance at a normal happy life. I beg you to protect them and comfort them. I pray to you everyday and hope you can find a way to help us. For all you've endured, I know you understand, please help us St. Rita.
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Please protect my children
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