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 Mon marriage

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PostSubject: Mon marriage   Tue Feb 10, 2009 3:03 pm

Sainte Rita , la sainte des impossibles cas , je vous prie et je vous demande de prier pour moi , mon marriage apres 17 ans est tres difficifle , mon mari n est pas fidele avec moi , depuis 5 ans ila connait une jeune fille de 19 ans qui avait une fille de 1 an , une nuit mon mari et la jeune fille aller au bar , les deux devient sombre , et moi je n ai aucune idee car tout le temps il disait je suis au travail .... now the situation it is hard this wonam during her relationship with my husband got pregnant , my husband denie and did dna test without me or the other woman know ... he doesnt want to divorce and me i dont like divorce we have 4 kids , and at the same time he want to stay with the other woman with the 2 kids the kids call him daddy , please there is between my husband and the other woman 20 years different he is 45 she is 26 ive been with him 17 years i love him he is the first man in all my life , i need a miracle in our life because my husband he still love me and his kids , but the other woman she became totally depent on him he waist all the money on her , please sainte rita help me and at the same time help the other woman she still young to find her life with other man .....in jesus name amen
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Mon marriage
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