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 Please pray for my health

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PostSubject: Please pray for my health   Sun Jun 22, 2008 11:05 am

My dear Saint Rita,
Please have mercy on me and my soul. Please take my prayers to God, and ask him to forgive me all my sins. Please pray for help for all the people on this forum who are in need.
My story is very sad...I have had a depression about three years ago, I think after I gave birth to my second son. And since then my life has changed completely. I went to seek help and the doctors have changed medications on me. It seems that they put me on the wrong medication and I don't even think I needed medication in the first place. I have never had what I am going through today. I was just depressed. For about 1 month and half ago I have stopped taking a very strong medication going with my doctor's plan and I am going through so much physical and mental pain. I have two angels of children and a wonderful husband. I have my mother with me and she takes care of everything because I cannnot do much. My memory is gone, I go through phases during the day way when I don't recognize the house, i cannot breathe, my head and neck are so tight I can barely move, fatigued, times of the day when I cannot speak because my jaws are tight. I can barely function.It seems that all these are withdrawal effects that I have to go through. I am desperate.Please pray for me...I just want to be able to take care of my family, smile and play with my children...
God help us all through our dear Saint Rita who had so much faith and could go through so much pain without even complaining once...I am desperate and I would do anything in this world to get well...
Thank you
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Please pray for my health
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