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 Please work a miracle St. Rita

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PostSubject: Please work a miracle St. Rita   Wed Jun 11, 2008 10:29 pm

Dearest Saint Rita,

Please be present with my husband today as he braces himself to hear the verdict given in his case. Though winning the case seems like an impossibility to everyone we know, please work a miracle for him and help him receive an acquittal while at the same time being declared completely innocent.

Only you are aware St. Rita that he has done nothing wrong and has always pleased your Divine Spouse with the way he has conducted his life and that he has been very unjustly framed by a vidictive employer. We don't need to procalim his innocence to people who don't believe in us but please show them Saint Rita that when your patrons are in the right and approach you as they have no one who believes in them, you never let your patrons down.

I am confident Saint Rita that you will work wonders for him and give him such a resounding victory that all will be compelled to notice. In the past whenver I have asked you for a favor with a pure heart and no malifide intentions, you have been quick to grant my request. I look forward to posting the miracle in the answered prayers section soon. I love you dearest Saint Rita.
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Please work a miracle St. Rita
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