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 Please work a miracle for me dearest Saint Rita

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PostSubject: Please work a miracle for me dearest Saint Rita   Mon Jun 02, 2008 12:39 am

Dearest Saint Rita,

I come again to you with a humble trust and implore you to intercede on behalf of my husband to your Divine Spouse Jesus Christ and miraculously liberate him from this legal nightmare he's trapped in.

Dearest Patroness, I am confident that you will extend a gracious ear to my supplications for the freedom of an innocent man...a man who has been unjustly framed by his vindictive and ruthless employer. You have never rejected a single plea of mine for help as every plea was made with a pure heart for a man who tries to align his life as closely as possible with that of Christ.

God alone knows that my husband doesn't have one evil bone in his body and I am sure that with the strength and power that you wield in the Heavenly Court, my husband will be granted respite from this problem on June 12 when the judges issue a verdict. Please descend on the 3 judges when they are deciding on the verdict and help them see reason dear Saint Rita and not fear the power and clout that the enemy (employer) wields. Let their decision not be tainted by fear or evil intentions.

Please enable them to examine the case from all angles till they discover that my husband has been made a scapegoat. Bless us with victory to experience that heady feeling that David did when he took on a mighty power like Goliath. Everyone says or at least thinks it's impossible for us to win against a huge organization that my husband worked for but what they don't realise is GOD is mightier than anyone or anything. If we have such a mighty and just God on our side and a powerhouse of an advocate like you dearest Saint Rita, I believe my husband will be declared innocent and will be granted freedom from this terrible ordeal that has lasted for more than a year.

Please consider this handmaid of yours worthy of your mercy and miracles blessed Saint Rita. I love you, adore you, praise and thank you. Amen.
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Please work a miracle for me dearest Saint Rita
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