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 second chance with dv for kc

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PostSubject: second chance with dv for kc   Mon Mar 07, 2011 2:09 pm

dear members of this forum. pls pray for me. i am hurting very badly. over the years i have battled depression. i have been praying nonstop novenas since 2007 for someone special to come into my life. recently i met someone fantastic. he doesn't stay in my country and though our situation was impossible. i might have pushed him away with my insecurities as well. i fear to be alone. pls i want a reconciliation. i am prepared to stay in his country. i am getting old. it is hard to find someone. he doesn't mind my age and said many times we are soul mates. it has been more than a month since i heard from him. i congratulated him last night becos he won as award for his work. he didn't reply. i am lost, very hurt. someone from another prayer site mentioned saint rita. and that is why i am here. please i want a second chance at life and love. i need hope. i don't even understand why i am still around anymore. i should have ended it years ago. at least i wouldnt keep praying and losing hope. please help me. i want a second chance. please intercede for me. have mercy. have mercy. pls mend the broken ties between kc and dv. thank you all so much. i am losing hope. i don't know how many more days i can spend like this. it's been more than 3 years. i am very lonely.
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second chance with dv for kc
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