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 Please liberate my husband

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PostSubject: Please liberate my husband   Thu May 29, 2008 12:18 am

Dearest Saint Rita,

I humbly beseech you to watch over my husband at this very moment when he is being ushered into court for his hearing. Please be his moral support and help him experience peace and calm though his insides may be a knot of nerves. Please fill him with that warm glow that you will not desert him as you know that he has never disappointed your Divine Spouse Jesus Christ and has always walked in the way of truth for which he is now being persecuted.

Please intercede on his behalf to your Beloved Saviour so that he may be victorious in this legal battle which to everyone is just impossible. But then , you are the Saint of the Impossible and if there's anyone who can help us win this case, it is you.

O holy Patroness, the glimmer of hope for all those reeling in sorrow and despair, please descend on the judges and help them examine the case from all sides till they realise that my husband is innocent and doesn't deserve to be held back by the legal system that has crippled him for more than a year now and inadvertently have declared him guilty by all the delaying tactics and numerous dates being given each time he appeared in court.

Please intercede with Jesus that the Holy Spirit desecend on the judges and convert their minds and give a verdict which will not only bring joy to me and my husabnd and our families and well-wishers but which will be a cause for triumph in the Heavenly Court because the righteous would have finally won. Please let your powerful intercession prove to all the skeptics and unbelievers that good can still triumph over evil and that God is not blind to the sufferings of His children. That He is a merciful God who forgives each time we come with a contrite heart genuinely asking for His mercy and that He will uplift us from the dumps if we have been faithful to Him and walked on the path He has paved for us in this world.

I know St. Rita you will not let me down. I will coem to you in humble prayer every day till the shadow of gloom moves away from above my family and even after that will I come to you to sing your praises to everyone and to pray for my brethren who require my prayers.
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Please liberate my husband
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