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 help me understand

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PostSubject: help me understand   Tue Oct 12, 2010 4:45 pm

I am the lady who posted the stolen camera card. I am having a real tough time trying to understand why god has given me this burden. I had not had any work as a teacher substitute. I asked the board why and they gave me a day of work. This one day our house was broken into and all our valuables were taken, along with our camera. I was able to understand why jewelry, money, etc were taken. The camera really troubled me because we had not printed or downloaded pictures for over a year. During this time my son was 4 months on. I prayed day and night. St. Anthony and all the angels and saints caught the felon and a few things were returned. Among them our camera!!!! When I turned it on I found our camera card gone. My heart sank. After investigating myself the their said he took pictures of the street worker he was with. The next he knew the card was gone. I kept praying knowing that miracles happen all the time. I stumbled on saint Rita and have been praying hourly for the return of my card. I feel so miserable.
My problem is it has been over a month. No one around me believes it will be returned from this street culture. The loss of these precious pictures. Learning to walk, first birthday, my daughters 5th birthday, first day of school and all those first year pictures are gone. God only gives you what you can handle, but I CANT seem to handle this. It is all I think and dream about. I am starting to delve into a deep depression.
PLEASE help me understand why this has happened to me. I need help and guidance. My faith in a miracle is being tested and my coping skills need support.
Thanks in advance
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help me understand
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