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 St. Rita please help me

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PostSubject: St. Rita please help me   Mon May 26, 2008 3:13 am

Dearest Saint Rita, I know I am not worthy of the miracles worked by God and you in conjunctin as sin is what separates us. However, since I have discovered you, Dearest St. Rita, I have resolved to change my life for the better taking one little step at a time.

Please intercede on my behalf to your Blessed Spouse, Jesus Christ, and obtain from him my urgent petition. Please help my husband who has been framed in a legal case for the last one year be acquitted without any charge. Pleas ehelp him with the small frustration that has cropped up of late of him needing to find a guarantor to keep his passport till the case is on. Please infuse your compassion in the hearts of those we know so that one of them might be willing to provide his passport to the court and help keep my husabnd out on bail.

I approach you as I know that no one else can address my problem as effectively as you. Jesus Himself has exhorted us to ask and then we shall receive. I shall humbly knock at your door and post a prayer on your website everyday in this section till the time my husband is declared innocent. Please have pity on us and come to our rescue.

I humbly request all of you who visit this site to experience the marvels of Blessed Saint Rita to keep my husband and me in your prayers for complete liberation and victory. Thank you and may God and Saint Rita bless you and your families abundantly.
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PostSubject: Re: St. Rita please help me   Thu May 29, 2008 5:27 am

I am sorry that you are suffering so much.

St. Rita is already praying for you, and I'm sure that help will come for you and your husband.

I am going through a big problem too and I too am finding solace in St. Rita's prayers.

I will remember you in my prayers.
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PostSubject: Re: St. Rita please help me   Fri May 30, 2008 9:49 am


I cannot tell you how much strength and hope I derived from your kind words. And I truly believe that if we pray for each other's needs, they will be granted by Our Lord because it proves to the Lord that in the midst of your own sufferings, you have the graciousness to pray for someone else who is sinking.

I also must add that I consider you a kind hearted Saviour sent my way because your prayers to Saint Rita on behalf of my husband and me helped solve a small but worrisome problem that was destroying our peace. We managed to find one compassionate soul who is willing to keep his passport as guarantee for my husband to stay out on bail.

My problems are far from over as my husband yet needs to be declared innocent and his tarnished reputation needs to be restored. But this one small miracle proves God is not deaf and blind to our problems and that He will work many greater miracles if we just let go and trust in Him and his aides like Saint Rita. All you need to do is ask relentlessly and if you have no malifide intentions behind your request, He has no reason to refuse you what you ask for.

I read in another thread that you are desperately trying to conceive. St. Rita will surely bless you as I have seen the faith with which you wrote your post to Susan and I will pray that you are blessed with a healthy child at the earliest and that all mitigating factors vanish to the background.

Trust me if we love and are compassionate to one another as Jesus was to us, we surely will be rewarded for living as per Jesus's commands

Thanks once again for keeping me in your prayers. I am sure you will keep me and my husband in your prayers till we win the court case and I promise I will not stop praying for you till you are blessed with what you are yearning for.

Thank you Saint Rita for listening to my prayers and the prayers of this kind hearted woman who prayed for me despite her own troubles and sorrows by having mercy on me and rescuing my husband from doom. I am confident you will continue to bless and intercede for all your devotees all our lives.
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PostSubject: Re: St. Rita please help me   

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St. Rita please help me
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