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 Praying for Gord and I to get back together

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PostSubject: Praying for Gord and I to get back together   Thu Apr 08, 2010 10:24 am

OH MY, where to start.... I'll try to make it short. My boyfriend and I broke up two weeks ago, it was a terrible fight. Gord is a good guy, he's been in a depression since his mother died suddenly last Christmas and he hasn't been the same since. Our relationship kept eroding until we had a bad fight, and are broken up and not talking. Gord is a retired war vet, fought in Afghanistan and has many medical issues. He's a good man and a good father to his kids, and he adored my kids too. I am a single mother of two kids as well. We haven't spoken since we have broken up and I really miss him. I've been worried about him for quite some time before we broke up as he seems to have gravitated towards some bad habits but is in denial of it. I'm praying firstly, that Gord realize that he has addiction problems and that he does something about it, secondly, that he gets the help he needs for it and for his health problems, and thirdly, that he wants me back, for us to get back together and continue our path together in a healthy way. I've always prayed to St. Michael, but I feel I need to pray to St. Rita, as her cause seems more fitting for my cirmumstances right now. Please pray for me, and please St. Rita, get Gord and I back together.

Thank You
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Praying for Gord and I to get back together
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