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 Reunion and reconciliation

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PostSubject: Reunion and reconciliation   Wed Jan 27, 2010 4:50 pm

Please Saint Rita, bring Carrie and I back together. She is the only woman I have ever loved. She was used and abused, and I came in trying to make everything right. What happened is I became too self righteous and she became too untrusting again. Deep down, you know the sin we committed, and how it helped rip us apart. Please Saint Rita, as you are the patron Saint of lost causes, of desparate cases, and of battered women, please open Carrie's eyes and heart to accept me once more. To see the child she's dating in replacement of me was nothing more than denial. Please bring us back--I only want to be a blessing in her life again, and I really need just one person on my side. Everyone--and I mean everyone---has been telling me that either she was no good for me, or that I'm obsessing and I should move on. I really need just one person, even you, to believe me and be on my side. Please bring us together, as I will never stop praying for this-it's been over a year, and my own steadfast devotion can either be a sign of divine grace and obidient faith, or delusion. Every single day is worse than the previous, and I am in much sorrow. Please please please bring us back together--as that would truly be a miracle.
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Reunion and reconciliation
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