A dedicated forum for the saint of the impossible, Saint Rita of Cascia
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 Please help heal our body and soul.

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PostSubject: Please help heal our body and soul.   Thu Aug 20, 2009 4:25 am

My dear St Rita - I've sinned badly, I feel lonely, I feel helpless, I feel exhausted, I feel so guilty, I feel so ashamed of myself, I can only find peace when praying. Dear Saint, please pray for my forgiveness so God allows me another chance. My family is at risk from my sin. Please pray for our health and wellbeing. I am sorry for this sin and I will never ever do it again. To help balance damage, I promise to work towards promoting God's word and work towards preventing others from repeating my mistake. Amen.
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Amy M

PostSubject: Healing for my marriage   Sun Aug 23, 2009 2:36 pm

[size=18]Dearest St. Rita,
If it be God's Will, I pray that you will interceed for me and heal my marriage. Let my husband, Andrew see the evil he is doing to his daughters and myself. Let him understand that God has forgiven him for his sins. Help Andrew see that all his secrets are only driving us apart. I have forgiven him but it makes it hard when he keeps secrets from me. Hiding his laptop, not letting me know where he is going, what he is doing on his laptop, not letting me know his screen name and password to his laptop. Secrets only divid us. Help Andrew accept God's mercy and forgiveness. PLEAS help us become husband and wife once more. I pray this through our Lord Jesus Christ, Who is our Lord and Savior. Thank you St. Rita. St. Rita, pray for us! Love, Amy
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Please help heal our body and soul.
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